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boost biometrics has 35+ years biometric expertise


Biometrics is becoming more and more popular as an authentication method. With the release of the Apple iPhone 5S in 2013, Fingerprint authentication became well known to the general audience. In smartphones biometric methods has become the fastest and most convenient method for accessing your phone.

The trend nowadays is that biometric authentication is spreading to applications outside the phone segment. People in general have adapted biometrics and can see its benefits and want use it in other applications, such as door locks, alarm systems, cars and USB memories.

If your company are considering using biometrics in your products we at boostbiometrics can help you. Our services ranges from introduction to biometrics and how it works to technical implementation and finding customers for your products. With this approach we can help you with everything from just supporing you for a couple of hours to a full technical implementation and finding customers to you.

If you are curious about what biometrics can do for you, contact us

  • Business intelligence
  • Evaluation of biometric technologies suitable for your products
  • Technical considerations
  • Product strategy
  • Business Development
  • Product / Proof-of-Concept development

Regardless of biometric method we can support you:

  • Fingerprint
  • Iris
  • Face
  • Vein
  • Palm
  • Voice


Working in biometric market since year 2000 has given us the following experiences:

  • Sales of biometric products worldwide
  • Business development of biometrics within IoT, Fintech, Automotive and Mobile Phones
  • Use Cases built on worldwide experience
  • Product development / Product Strategy
  • Education and training
  • Return-of-investment (RoI) analyzes
  • Technical support for implementation of biometrics

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